When creative people switch ON their 'CREATIVE MODE', they get in a zone, and don't like being disturbed when they're in it; and if they're not, something great and beautiful emerges!

This tee is a great gift for the creative in your life, and when they wear it, they inform those around that they're in the zone!

Creative Mode: On (black lettering) Short Sleeve Tee

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Creative Mode: On (white lettering) Short Sleeve Tee

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DREAMS of Success!

This Poem (prayer) follows the cadence of an old classic, but is much more powerful in the realization of your success. First, you DREAM it, then, you LAY OUT THE PLANS to get there, you then WORK towards the dream, then LIVE in the success the dreams bought you!

So, if you believe that words truly are powerful, then, memorize this poem (prayer), and repeat it throughout the year to create your environment of success.


Don't Tell Me What I Can & Can't Accomplish

You ever had a dream to accomplish something? You see yourself doing it, and you believe you can do it. In your excitement, you tell family and friends, and almost instantly they throw cold water on your dreams by telling you that you can't do it, that you can;t accomplish what you dream, that "It's not you!"; they try to tell you that you don't have what it takes. Next thing you know, you put that dream on the back burner, and eventually forget about it.

Well, if you're tired of people telling you what you can & can't do, or want to encourage family or friends to not let others discourage them, then the following gifts will be perfect!

Send the message LOUD & STRONG, and let these words be your mantra for the upcoming year.

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your ATTITUDE determines Your ALTITUDE!