About Us

In a world that mainly feeds, and thrives on bad news, and NEGATIVITY, the good news, and POSITIVITY is barely mentioned, and left in the background.

POSITIVITEES 242 is a Bahamian-Based company that designs, and produces a clothing line and paraphernalia that caters to the POSITIVE side of life, and always reminds its customers to believe in their dreams, never allowing people's opinions to detour, or stop them!

POSITIVITEES 242 is for the POSITIVE minded individual; THE OPTIMIST. The person who sees the glass as half full instead of half empty.

The slogan of POSITIVITEES 242 is: "Expressing the positive side of life" which means that all of our products allow our clients to always focus on the POSITIVE side of life (through our products) from t-shirts, to mugs, caps, socks sportswear, tote bags, etc.

If you want to always focus on the POSITIVE side of your life, then POSITIVITEES 242 is for YOU!